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A big day? That sounds interesting. WC01 - #3

Wednesday, the 27th of June was our third working day. In the morning, the group was lacking energy due to a previous night out in Lisbon, so the day started with an energizer to put everyone into a working condition. The camp leaders promised it would be a “big day” and we need to concentrate. A big day? That sounds interesting. Let see what we had to do.


To start with, we had to bring all the materials to the workplace: the logs, the cement, the tools. We worked together as a team to do all that, made chains to pass logs to one another, and it felt good - real teamwork.


Once at the workplace, we met local men, Mr. Antonio from Cabo Verde, who was to help us with the cement. We organized ourselves into smaller groups to deal with all the tasks. Some worked together with Mr. Antonio to make cement and repair the holes, the others were nailing logs together, yet another group was digging holes to put the tables and the “pergola”, and there were people repairing benches.



The day was informative in many ways. We learned to make cement and to use many tools for the first time. It was also physically challenging: sometimes there were rocks in the soil that we had to break, and sawing and nailing took a lot of energy. However, when we saw the result - two tables standing and the logs fixed - we realized it was worth it. The “change” that we came here to make was getting more and more tangible.

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