The 2017 edition had two different projects: "Set the Party" where the volunteers had the opportunity to renovate the common area in Trajouce, reparing and installing woden tables, a community grill and a shadow in the existing pergolas.

"Step Ahead" was the second projects where the participants had the chance to interact and rebuilt the common area at the neighborhood of Alcoitao, installed an outdoor workout equipment and rebuild the community grill.



The 2016 edition had two different projects: "Djumbai Community" where the volunteers had the opportunity to renovate the street in Bairro 25 de Abril and provide better conditions so the community could appreciate it more and "Back to Green" where the participants built a vegetable garden at Bairro da Adroiana that is very important to the community once the veggies cultivated there are a major part of their meals.



This work camp took place in July and like the other work camps, it counted with the participation of 22 young people from 18 to 30 years old. This year we had the privilege to have volunteers not only from Europe, but also from Brazil, China and Cape Verde. The main task was to recover an old primary school and transform the space into an area to host a project dedicated to young people.


SINCE 2011



The work camp lasted two weeks and involved 16 youngsters. The activities were centred on the transformation of Charneca (Cascais), small place near a rural area. The main tasks of the volunteers were: rebuilt some old typical fountains; do some gardening work at public places; edit a short movie with the results and many other small things! Volunteers also had time to participate in some cultural events and visits to local places with interest.

It was centred on the renovation of Ludoteca de Alcoitão, A space used by children to play and enjoy a good time the volunteers created a community garden, painted and organised a few outdoor games. Another partner was Centro de Cultura e Desporto do Pessoal do Município de Cascais, where the group rebuilt a window, painted wall, renewed some furniture and cleaned the garden.


We had the participation of a public school (Escola Básica da Aldeia de Juso - Murches) and Associação de Idosos de Santa Iria, Agenda 21 and Environment Department of the City Hall. There were two work camps where the volunteers were responsible for renovations at the local school, not only at the children playground but also giving new colours to the walls and constructing a community garden.



The first experience of Rota Jovem and Cascais Jovem as organizers of a work camp resulted on 4 projects: GO NEW promoted the renovation and re-qualification of several spaces. GO HEALTHY was about the construction of a community garden, activities with the children and their families - especially about healthy food. GO ACTIVE promoted an active citizenship in the streets of Cascais and GO GREEN resulted in gardening and developing green spaces.













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